Used car guaranty

Optimal protection against repair costs

With a used car guaranty from our partner Garantie-Service-GmbH is your vehicle insured at CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG.

Easy going motoring

As your car dealer we have checked your new vehicle in detail and placed in perfect condition. But how breakdown statistics show, unfortunately can not always exclude damage. Therefore we have the perfect solution: With the completion of a used car guaranty, take a whole year reliably protected against unexpected repair costs - europe-wide.

That nothing can take you aback.

If there are still times damage occurs, you preserved the guarantee at least 12 months from expensive surprises. Because Repair costs are an additional financial investment that was rarely planned in financing a vehicle. All assemblies and components included in the scope of the guarantee are described below.

Comfortable and non-bureaucratic handling

In Germany you have a warranty claim simply fix your dealer - everything else we will gladly do it for you. If your dealer is too far away from where the damage happend - no problem! Please report any warranty claim the 24-hour hotline and because of the guarantee the repair can then be run in any car mechanic workshop - in whole Europe.

Charts of refund

Used car guaranty

Optimal guaranty coverage

Engine: cylinder block, crankcase, cylinder head, cylinder head seal, case of rotary engine, all with oil circulation connected inner parts, gear belt with tension pulley, oil cooler, oil pan, oil break switch, oil filter case, flywheel with crown gear

Gearing mechanism:
 differential case, all inner parts including torque converter and control unit of automatic transmission

Axis / Distributor gearing :
 differential case (front-, back- und 4-wheel-drive) including all inner parts


Primary shaft: cardan shaft, axis shaft drive, gear link and of the traction control system (ASR, ASC, EDS, 4Matic): speed sensor, electronic control unit, hydraulic unit, air accumulator and cargo pump.

Guidance: mechanic or hydraulic steering gear with all inner parts, electronic servo steering motor, hydraulic pump with all inner parts and electronic parts

Brakes: master brake cylinder, brake power assist unit, hydropneumatic (pressure storage and pressure controller), vacuum pump, wheel cylinder of the drum brake, brake power regulator, braking force limiter

ABS: electronic controll unit, hydraulic parts and driving speed sensor
Fuel system: fuel pump, fuel injection pump, electronic parts of the injection system (control unit, airflow- and mass sensor) and also power charger.

Electricial equipment: light engine with controller, startet motor, electronic parts of firing system with starter wire as component part to agree, electronic piep of the electronic injection, mechanic distributor, electronic motor control, ignition cool, preheating relay, condenser, Rotor and from the electric system: central electric box, combi-instrument (control panel), switch elements of fuse box, bord computer, control box of bord system like BCI, BSI, SAM. (except control unit of navigation, the lighting system, the chassis, the audio system and the radar system), wiper engine, Heater-/extra fan motor and horn

Cooling system: cooler, heater cooler, thermostat, water pump, cooler for automatic gear, Visco-/Thermocooler, fan interface and thermo switch

Exhaust system:
 lambda sensor, breeches pipe and fastening parts in conjunction with the exchange of lambda sensor

Security system: controll system for airbag and seat belts

Air condition: compressor, vaporizer and condenser with cooler

Comfort electrics: electric window lift: switch, electric engines, control boxes; front-/back window heater parts (excepted breakage); electric sliding roof: switch, electric engines, control units; central locking: switches, engines, control units, field coil like door closer

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